Our Downtown Greeley Favorite Businesses

We’ve been a part of the Downtown Greeley community for over 13 years, and we are so thankful to be involved in such a vibrant group of business owners, community members, and city officials.

We’ve had our own journey Downtown and are actually in our third location since we opened the doors of Sassy Bagz in 2010. So we’ve had the opportunity to be neighbors and friends with many of the other business owners down here.

Here are a few businesses we wanted to highlight!

Aunt Helen’s Coffee House

Aunt Helen’s is a staple of Downtown Greeley and my favorite place to grab a coffee and a treat on my way to the store. And, they’ve already recently extended their hours and menu to include tapas and alcoholic beverages in the evening. Aunt Helen’s catchphrase is “the snarky side of coffee,” which I love.

Fusco Pizza

Fusco Pizza is our favorite place to get pizza in Downtown Greeley. Their staple pizza is a square pizza and the “Royal Slice.” They’re also known for having a very friendly staff, and I love going to grab a pizza from Fusco’s when I’ve been at Sassy Bagz until closing and didn’t plan something for dinner!

Blush Boutique

Blush Boutique Co is a fellow women’s boutique and a Downtown Greeley business we love. This meticulously curated store provides budget-friendly clothing, unique jewelry, and distinct home furnishings. We love that Blush Boutique Co strives not only to provide customers with comfortable and affordable clothing but also desires to instill a sense of value in their shoppers. 

Mariposa Flowers and Plants

With more than three decades of being a locally owned and operated business, Mariposa provides a diverse offering of florals, plants, and gifts. Their passion lies in crafting unique wedding arrangements, and they also specialize in funeral arrangements and houseplants. Mariposa consistently secures the Best Florist award in the Greeley Tribune year after year. Now that we’re in our newest location, we get to be right across the street from Mariposa!

If you haven’t checked out these businesses Downtown, consider it! Cheers to all the Downtown Greeley businesses and our Downtown community.

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